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Year 6 
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Welcome to the Year 6 Class Page! 
Mr Groves has decided to take a back seat and allow us to write our own entries for the Year 6 page. Please check back here throughout the year to find out what we have been up to: trips, visitors, work in school, projects etc. As the year progresses, each term will be updated with various antics from the latest Year 6 class! 
Year 6 
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Some very proud fundraisers and some very hungry children! 
Animal Asia 
On Friday 5th October, a group of girls and a very kind Mum organised a fundraising event for the charity, 'Animal Asia'. This worthy cause works hard to put an end to poaching and loss of habitat. 
The fundraising day had several elements including biscuit and cupcake decoration and the opportunity to dress in Mufti for the day - many came in fancy dress! 
Each class was invited out to the art area where they could pay to decorate a cupcake or biscuit with icing and sprinkles. A lot of fun was had decorating the sweet treats! 
At the end of a long day, the girls finished counting up the money and were delighted to find that they had raised... 
Well done to everyone involved! 
Victory is ours! 
Dodgeball Tournament 
On Friday 19th October, twenty children from St. Francis' (mostly Sports Leaders) hopped onto a minibus and travelled to Backwell Junior School for the second annual Dodgeball Tournament. Excitement was running high as they arrived and the children were keen to get themselves onto the pitch as soon as possible! 
The children were split into a Team A and Team B; both teams got off to a flying start and defeated their opponents from Backwell. By the time the St. Francis' teams had faced each other, they had each played three matches, winning two and losing one. This meant that Team A went through to the final whilst Team B entered the 3rd-place playoff. 
Team B cruised to victory, claiming 3rd place. Team A found themselves in a deciding round and staring down the jaws of defeat before a final surge pushed them back from the brink and towards a final victory. St. Francis' were the champions! 
A lot of fun was had by all, particularly when they got back to school and pretended to be sad before revealing their victory with a big cheer! 
Making a charge for the ball! 
Accuracy was key... 
Action shot! 
Ready, set, go! 
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Anglo-Saxon/Viking Museum Display 
On Monday 10th December, Year 6 put together a museum display in their classroom which covered many different aspects of the ongoing dispute for control of England between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. This was the culmination of many weeks of work and every class in the school was invited to attend; some parents even popped in too! 
Visitors to the museum were treated to a range of artefacts, posters, films and presentations on a range of areas including Edward the Confessor, Viking Tactics, King Alfred the Great and Wessex. These topics proved popular with the children, particularly because we had an assortment of weapons on show as artefacts and even an animation where you got to attack an Anglo-Saxon for yourself! 
Everyone appeared to enjoy the experience and learn a lot. However, we did have to keep a close eye on whoever had hold of the crossbow! We even managed to learn a few things from each other's stalls. Thanks to all who came! 
Click here for Term 3's Curriculum Overview 
We learnt about the dangers at home and in the garden. 
We found out how to cross the road safely. 
Warming up... 
Ready to dance..... 
On 9th January, Year 6 visited the Create Centre in Bristol to take part in the Lifeskills experience. Lifeskills was full of many realistic scenarios to help teach us about the kind of dangers we may face every day; these scenarios included everything from train stations to everyday dangers at home. 
We learned a lot about keeping safe and also had lots of fun. It is surprising how many hazards are around us! We had the opportunity to make a 999 call to report incidents we had seen, including a fire, an unconscious boy and even a knife attack! 
We are very grateful to the guides who volunteered to take us round; they were very nice and helpful! 
We have been working with Sharon, a Dance teacher from Nailsea, on a Chinese dance to celebrate Chinese new year.  
We have learnt some authentic Chinese moves and listened to some traditional Chinese music. Working in groups, we added our own movements to produce a dance, sometimes using props to add variety and interest. 
We performed our dances to the rest of the class and evaluated each others work.  
Kerry, another sports coach, has also been working with us, helping us to improve our gymnastics skills. 
Do you know how to make an emergency call? 
When you go shopping remember to check your change carefully! 
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Maths Master Class 
On Monday 25th February some students and teachers from the Maths department of Clifton High School came to teach us about Tangram shapes and optical illusions. Year 6 learned that tangram pieces can be used to form letters and numbers. We made perspective optical illusions where you look at the shapes one way and it looks like a bunch of random shapes but if you look at it another way it makes one big shape. In our lesson we had to make the letters S, F, C, P, S, Y, 6 - standing for St Francis Catholic Primary School Year 6. We had lots of fun and we worked well together in our groups. 

Term 5 

Click here for Term 5's Curriculum Overview 
Have you ever seen anyone this happy to do the washing up?! 
Another unsuccessful crate stacking attempt! 
All aboard the Katakanu! 
We don't normally encourage playing with fire... 
During the last week of term 5, Year 6 went to the Brecon Beacons to visit the Acorn Adventure camp site at Tan Troed. We had a fun-filled and busy week doing many activities, including katakanuing, climbing, high ropes, bushcraft, raft building and more. Not all of these activities were easy! Just in case you thought we weren't busy enough, we even had evening activities to complete as well. The instructors did a great job of organising games, races, sing-songs and even a camp fire so we could toast marshmallows. At one point, some children were toasting multiple marshmallows at the same time and then eating them at once - it was quite messy! We all had a fantastic time on camp and learnt something new about ourselves, whether it was pushing yourself to achieve or realising that you could do something new. A great week with wonderful memories! 
Walking across tyres is easy! (Unless you're blindfolded.) 
No children were harmed in the taking of this photo. 
We were incredibly confident that the raft would float... honestly! 
What a week! 


Click here for Term 6's Curriculum Overview 
Thank you to the Friends of St Francis for decorating the hall so beautifully  
"Shut up and Dance......." 
"Let's get ready to Rumble......." 
"Just got paid........." 
End of Year Production - Year 6 has got talent 
This years production took the form of a talent show, based on Britains Got Talent, with a good variety of acts including singing, dancing, magic tricks, tennis skills and a poetry recital. The hall had been beautifully decorated by Miss Parry and the Friends of St Francis, and parents, governors, friends and relatives came along to watch. The atmosphere was amazing and there was lots of cheering, clapping, laughter and smiles as each performer took to the stage. Freddie and Luca took the roles of Ant and Dec and introduced each act. The teachers were the judges and they were amazed by the range of talents that were demonstrated. One of them said that we all deserved the Golden Buzzer! Although we were a bit nervous beforehand by the time we were on the stage we felt so excited and made our parents extremely proud. We all agreed it was one of the best experiences of our lives because it was so much fun. At the end we got presented with our Leavers jumpers and we said Thank you to Miss Parry and everyone who helped.  
"We'll meet again........" 
"All in this together......." 
"Eye of the Tiger......." 
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