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A very warm welcome to St Francis' Catholic Primary School  
Year 5 
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A very warm welcome to parents and pupils in our 2017-2018 year 5 class from both Mrs Field and Mrs Hunt! We have already been busy getting to know each other and learning how life in the upper juniors works. We have an exciting term ahead of us, with lots of learning to do and we will be beginning to think about our annual residential at Kilve Court. 
Our year 5 webpage will be updated regularly throughout the year, with news and lots of pictures of our events and activities, so keep checking in! 

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What Makes Scotland Scottish? 
We will be using the continuing debate about Scottish Independence and the recent referendum to think about our own identities and what it means to belong to a community, whether it's a really big one like the United Kingdom, or a small one like year 5! We will think about how belonging brings rights but also responsibilities. Through this topic, we will learn about the development of democracy and how our parliamentary system works. We will also be learning about Scotland's history and geography and dipping into some of its more colourful characters , like Robert the Bruce, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Macbeth! 
We have very much enjoyed meeting our buddies as you can see! 
year 5 15
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Home and Away! New for 2017! 
Term 2 has started in a really exciting way for year 5, as we have returned from our residential trip to Kilve full of stories of our successes, new and strengthened friendships and confidence in ourselves. We are now following up on our learning back in class, understanding more about the geography of the Quantocks and how the local people live, work and travel. And then, of course, we have all the usual Advent and Christmas activities, hopefully including a trip to Pegasus Court to sing carols for the residents. 
We have many more photos to show you and lots of news to share so... 
Watch this space for more Kilve related news! 
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What a busy term! The highlight of the last few weeks was our MAWS concert, where some of us played our musical instruments (very tunefully) and a big group of us danced (beautifully) to a song called 'I believe'. We were greeted with thunderous applause from a very appreciative audience. There were some very tired but happy faces the next morning in school! 
Here are some comments from the star performers... 
The tension was exciting and I was nervous in the dressing room but on stage I stopped having butterflies and was happy. Afterwards, my mum was extatic and my dad was proud! Even my brother was impressed, even though he tried to hide it! 
Everything was perfect, no-one forgot any moves and the medals didn't get tangled! 
It was a great day (except for my guitar breaking...) 
I enjoyed our dance because it had lots of moves and I think it was the best! 
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We had a lot of fun earlier in the term creating pottage recipes and then trying the recipes out, using all the equipment safely and then tasting the results. Most people agreed that the Anglo-Saxon diet was surprisingly tasty and very nutritious!  

Discovering Ancient Egypt 

We have really enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt this term. We discovered replica and original artefacts at the Egyptian exhibition at the Bristol Museum, learned about Howard Carter and his discoveries and created some fantastic displays to share our learning with other children and our parents.  
Here we are at our very own St Francis' Egyptian Museum... 
It was amazing how creative the displays were and how much time the children had spent working on intricate details... 
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