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Year 4 
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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page 

Year 4 have had a very busy first term. Everyone has settled in well and we have been very busy. This page is a chance for you to see some of the fun stuff we get up to in our learning. 
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Autumn Terms 

Celebrating Feast Day 

Year 4 had lots of fun thinking about our Saint St Francis and celebrating Feast day. We had a very busy day of celebrations, including lots of cuddles with some of our own animals. We were lucky enough to see a horse performing jumps on the field. We also got to meet some of our friends pets (Izzy's dog, Clara's 3 guinea pigs, Matilda Hill's rabbit and Miss Lamb's 2 tortoises). If that wasnt enough, we also got to meet the owl man, he told us all about the different animals and where they live. Thank you to all the adults who came and helped with the animals, we had great fun! 

When in Rome 

Then children have enjoyed learning about the Romans and life in Rome. We have had a go at creating out own mosaics just like the Romans. 
As well as mosaics, we have been looking at one of the seven wonders of the world, The Colosseum. We worked in the style of Monet and Picasso to create our artwork, using The Colosseum as our inspiration. 
To add to the work we have completed so far about Rome and mosaics, we were lucky enough to have Mrs Simpson come in and work with us to make our own REAL mosaics out of clay. We have worked hard on designing our mosaics, looking at different pieces for inspiration and editing our work ready for designing it with clay. Using clay helped up learn many skills including how we handle clay and the different tools we must use. Thank you Mrs Simpson!  


Year 4 showed some fantastic skills, working as a team to create our line of coins. We had lots of fun trying to get the longest line with all of our coins, helping to raise money for the new playground equipment. Thank you for being so generous and helping us gain 2nd place in the fundraising competition. 

Harvest Celebrations 

We have been very busy with our Harvest celebrations. The past view weeks we have learnt about the work of our chosen charity, CAFOD, and what our money can do to help others. To celebrate Harvest, Year 4 have been very busy. Along with performing our class assembly with Year 5, we also found time to put on a cake sale to help raise even more money. It has been a very busy but fun week, thank you to all of those who have helped with making cakes and running our stall. 

Black History Month 

This month to celebrate the Black History Month the children have been learning about Barack Obama and his significance in history. We have had some very interesting discussions about his work and have found lots of fun facts out about him. We have learnt about the policies he put into place as well as his favourite basketball team! We were also lucky enough to have Lawrence Hoo come in and visit us, this provided us with the opportunity to share all the information we have learnt so far and also ask lots of questions about Black History. 


Year 4 enjoyed a fabulous trip to Caerleon, as part of their topic on the Romans. First stop were the ampitheatre and barracks, where the children were able to explore the ancient remains and marvel at the various activities that took place there so many years ago. Next, the children had the opportunity to visit the Roman baths to learn how the Romans made use of their leisure time. After lunch, the children got to experience life in a strict Roman school, before heading over to the mock Roman barracks, where they got to dress up in Roman armour and experience life as a brave gladiator. Finally, the children enjoyed a trip to the museum, where many exciting artefacts and discoveries were held and more interesting facts were learnt. A brilliant day out! 

Ice Skating 

Year 4 had a fantastic trip trying out the new ice skating rink at the Tropicana. Getting into the christmas spirt Year 4 spent the afternoon on the ice, with a couple of falls and lots of laughing everyone had a fabulous time. It was great to see many children working together to help those less confident on the ice. Thank you to all the parent helpers who helped us!  

Roman Feast Day 

The children had a wonderful time celebrating their learning and bringing the topic of Romans to a close by participating in a Roman feast! St Francis School was taken over by some fantastic looking Romans. Not only did the children have the experience of a Roman feast but they also had the opportunity to create their own shields and dress just like the Romans. This provided the children with a great opportunity to put all that they had learnt into context. 


From all of Year 4, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for all the support over the past term and thank you for all the lovely gifts. See you in 2018! 


Spring Terms 

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Summer Terms 

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