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Year 3 
A very warm welcome to Year 3's webpage. We really hope this page gives you a flavour of all of the learning that is going on in our classroom... 
Term One 
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Tag Rugby 

With the help of the Future Stars coaches, we've been learning how to play Tag Rugby. Year 3 have focused on passing between each other and becoming used to wearing the tags. We've really enjoyed playing Navy vs Pirates which helps us to develop our tagging and defence skills as well as our evasion skills.  

Downside Pilgrimage 

On the 4th October, St Francis' Feast Day, we took a school pilgrimage to Downside Abbey as part of our Year of Mercy celebrations. We split into our houses and visited 4 different parts of the abbey to learn about the life of a Benedictine Monk and Oliver Plunkett. We also created our own stain glass windows after being inspired by the abbey's beautiful stained glass before making Benedictine sandwiches with Mrs Galey.  

Stoke Leigh Iron Age Fort 

Year 3 visited Leigh Woods to explore the Stoke Leigh Iron Age Hillfort. We started by creating a human timeline to help us to understand how long ago the Iron Age was then we looked at a range of artefacts and presented our findings to the rest of the class. Then, we split into two groups and explore the Hillfort and looked at the different aspects of safety and security. A lot of us spotted the Suspension Bridge during our walk. After lunch, Year 3 practised their Iron Age skills: we ground wheat on a quern; tried to kill our dinner using a sling shot and made string using flax.  

Term Two  

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Andy Goldsworthy Art 

In Art, we've been looking at the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. First, we studied his artwork and discussed what we liked about his work. Then, we had a go at making some leave sculptures in the playgound. On Friday, using leaves and autumnal objects gathered over half term, we created our own sculptures. We planned our artwork first, then started to create our pieces.  

Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo 

Over the last two weeks, we have been studying the book Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo. We started by thinking about what home means to us, we discussed what is looked, smelt, sounded and felt like. Then we used these ideas to form the details of a house, some of us used the words to draw cars, trampolines and beds. 
Next, we began to read the book. We quickly realised that the story was a poem. We thought about the robin’s thoughts and feelings and created a robin image. 
After, we read the poem to the point where the robin meets the fisherman. We created a thought tunnel and had to convince our robins Ed and Elly whether they should continue on their dangerous and tiring journey or turn back and return to the woods. Elly decided to carry on her journey while Ed wanted to turn back! 
Finally, we created story maps of the entire poem, thinking about the key details we needed to include in either pictorial or word form. We had great fun drawing the maps and included the fisherman’s big hands, the long journeys through the woods, valleys and over mountains.  
With Mrs Watts, we made seed balls to hang on a tree outside. Hopefully, we might spot some robins in our gardens over the holidays! 

Christmas Angels 

This term we've been practising hard for our Christmas Carol Concert. Year 3 were given the role of the Angels who spread the good news of Jesus' birth. We used our PE lessons to create and practise our dance and our Music lessons to learn the different songs. Even though we had butterflies beforehand, we really enjoyed our performing to our parents and the Infant School. 

Term Three 

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Huw Powell visit. 

Key Stage 2 spent an afternoon with Space Jacker's author Huw Powell. We started by learning a bit more about Huw and his childhood. He told us that he used to create comics and sell them for 10p to his family and friends. Then we created a space pirate with him, Huw listened to our suggestions about their appearence and drew them onto the board. We named our Space Pirate Bobby Death, she was a fierce character with white eyes, a gun for a hand and high heeled space boots. After our session with Huw, Year 3 and 4 joined forces to create our own Space Pirates.  

Nailsea Tithe Barn Trip 

We went to Nailsea Tithe Barn for an evacuee experience as part of our Tithe through Time History topic. We made rock cakes using war time rations; explored World War II artefacts; wrote postcards home using ink pens; looked at historical maps of Nailsea and created identity cards. We even had an air raid and we had to hide under tables, in door ways or in the fireplaces. 

Term Four 

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Lamb Visit! 

On Thursday, we had some lambs come to visit as part of our Animals Science topic. We talked about how they are mammals, herbivores and vertebrates and that they have live young rather than lay eggs. We asked Mrs Fortune lots of questions about the lambs, including what they eat while they are young, how big they grow and why lambs are kept on farms. The lambs were very inquisitive and liked eating the left over orange peel from the playground floor! 
Emmeline Simpson Workshop 
Emmeline Simpson came into school on Tuesday afternoon to help us create collages for our "Through the Porthole" competition. We started by drawing a porthole and what we could see outside using pencil, then we started to build collage on top of it. We enjoyed finding the different colours and textures in the magazines and using them to bring our images to life. Some of us decided to use colouring pencil to add more detail to our pictures. 

Year 3 and 4 Inter-House Football 

This term, Year 3 and 4 have been practising and honing their football skills with our Future Stars coaches during their PE lessons. Mrs Galey and Miss Ball decided to give the children a chance to execute their skills in an inter-house football competition. Playing 3 matches against the other houses, the children worked successfully in teams and great examples of encouragement and sportsmanship were spotted by the coaches, Mrs Galey and Miss Ball. 
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