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Catholic Primary School 
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Year 2 
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Our Geography Topic 
During term 1 we have been learning about the seaside and countries around the world. At our seaside workshop we talked about the features of the seaside and suggested activities that take place at the beach. We had an international day where we 
dressed up in clothes from other countries and we learnt about the continents and oceans. 
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We have been finding out about India. We went to Tesco's for an Indian workshop and tasted Indian food. We made raita and ate it with naan bread. We liked the spicy onion bhajis and the crunchy popadoms. We found lots of Indian spices and different types of rice and curry on the shelves. We also found fruits and vegetables that grow in India. In Maths we will be learning about money and we made a very long line of coins on the playground. 
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The Great Fire of London 
This term Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. The fire started in a baker's shop so we made bread like Thomas Faryner, the baker. We had a dressing up day and burnt down some wooden houses so we could understand how the fire spread. We buried cheese in the school grounds because Samuel Pepys buried his cheese so it wouldn't get burnt by the flames. We also did some science and toasted marshmallows to observe how heat changes things. In Design and Technology we learnt about wheels and axles and created fire engines and carts. 
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During Term 4 the children have been reading The Owl who was afraid of the Dark.  
They made paper owls to decorate their class room and found out about nocturnal animals.  
They enjoyed taking part in a charity bed/wheelchair push, raising money for Southmead Hospital and Motivation. 
On the feast of Candlemas they led a Christingle Celebration for the whole school, focussing on the theme of LIGHT. 
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History Topic 
During Term 5 the children in Year 2 have been learning about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. They took part in a drama workshop where they acted out scenes from Florence Nightingale's life and compared hospitals past and present. 


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During Term 6 we have been learning about living things. We went to Slimbridge to find out about birds.. We found out that swans and ducks have webbed feet to help them swim and so they don't sink into the mud at the bottom of the lake'. We enjoyed feeding the water birds and holding some very slimy creatures! 
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