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A very warm welcome to St Francis' Catholic Primary School  
Welcome to Year 1! 
Autumn Term 
Welcome to the Year 1 webpage!  
Term One 
Welcome to Year One's webpage! Here you will find some photos of our learning journeys and get an idea of all the fun things we get to do in school! 
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Terrible teeth in his terrible jaw....... Gruffalo models.  


Fine motor skills and correct pencil grip are practised regularly. 


Re- telling of the Gruffalo story with our small world Gruffalo Wood. 


Mapping skills in the rain... 


Year One pupils explored how our shadows change position during the day as the Earth turns around. 

Learning through play. Year One children are using coins and measure to run a Gruffalo cafe. Do you know how much it would be for a scoop of Gruffalo Crumble and a scoop of Owl Ice-cream? 

Gym Shapes and PE Challenges 
You need to work as a team 

Year One Met Their Buddies 

Poetry Assembly 
Year One performed Gruffalo Crumble to the school 

We shared our Summer Scrapbooks with our buddies. 
Learning to work together. 
Numbers to 100 

Using natural objects from our school grounds to create Gruffalo themed artwork. 

Class rules and high expectations for all. 

Skittles and frisby fun 

Outdoor Artwork in the Autumn sun 

Awe and wonder at the beauty of leaf printing 

Term Two 
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Gruffalo Cakes- we modelled sugar icing, chocolate and sweets into the face of the Gruffalo. 
They looked too good to eat! 

Gruffalo Hunt in Nowhere Woods 
Year One children identified different leaves, found ten Gruffalos and made a stickman on our trip to the local woods. 

Year One help to raise funds for Children in need 

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This term we have been learning all about the body. 
We've also been exploring the past and the present and how things have changed through time. 
We went on a class trip to Tyntesfield to see how toys have changed over time. 
We put on an amazing Christmas play called Hoity Toity! It wasloads of fun. 
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Term Three 

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We've been exploring different parts of the world and we learned a song to help us remember the names of the Seven Continents.  
We have looked at different parables and the lessons they teach us. We made up our own real life stories to show our understanding. 
We have worked alongside our Year 5 Buddies to help us prepare our Road Safety Campaign. 
They helped us to write our ideas and design our posters. 

Term Four 

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We started our maths investigations looking at common 2d and 3d shapes. 
We were very lucky to have Larry Lamb, Jemima and Sam come to visit us this term. They were very friendly and cute! 
We helped to raise money for 2 charities this term. We took part in a sponsored bed push and a dress up day.  
As part of our learning about anumals this term we visited our school pond. We did some pond dipping and found some frogspawn, tadpoles and snails. 

Term Five 

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We were very lucky to have Brunel's friend Henry Wakefield come to visit us and tell us all about Brunel's life and achievements. Here is Brunel's Mum and Dad getting married! 
We have been learning all about measure and started by gettting everyone in our class to line up from tallest to smallest. 
Before Henry Wakefield left, we played a game where we travelled through the Thames Tunnel, rode on the GWR and took a trip on the SS Great Britain. 
We have also been exploring capacity and volume. We carriedout some experiments to see which containers could hold the most liquid. It was loads of messy fun! 

Term Six 

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