St Francis' 
Catholic Primary School 
A very warm welcome to St Francis' Catholic Primary School  


We are Reception Class  
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We are developing our spirituality and joining in with morning prayers. We have been listening to and exploring the creation story. We have been learning that the creation story tells of God's love for each and everyone of us.  
Settling in 
Our focus this term is settling into life at St Francis'. Our teachers spend time 
getting to know us; discovering our needs and interests through play. Through play activities we learn in different ways and build relationships. We continue our journey from pre-school to become capable, confident, and self-assured strong people and learners.  
Motor skills 
We are given plenty of opportunities to practise our fine and gross motor skills  
through P.E sessions and exploring equipment such as scissors, tweezers,  
hammers, spades, pens, pencils and paintbrushes. The development of these 
skills will help us as we build up from mark making to writing.  
We have been exploring number. 
Look at our mark making!  
We have been creating models together. We have added characters and been using our communication skills to develop storyline and narrative in our play.  
Wow certificates, gives you the parent, the chance to share significant events in your child's life with school. This enables their teacher to review your child's  
achievements as a whole. Please click here to print a set of certificates. 
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We have been making the most of the wet weather in our mud kitcken! We have been working together to create delicious mud pies and cakes.  
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We received a letter from Captain Bluebeard, a pirate stranded on an island. He needed our help! We trained to be pirates so we could rescue him. We role-played being  
stuck on an island and practised writing messages in bottles. We created pirate scene pictures in ICT and typed captions. We had a pirate dress up day.  
Captain Bluebeard sent us a map to say thank you for all the letters we wrote to him. Captain Bluebeard had buried some treasure in our playground. We had to use  
our new map reading skills to find the treasure! 
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Our topic is 'Ready Steady Grow'. We have been finding out how seeds, plants and people grow. We have explored and learnt about the life cycle of a frog and  
Local artist Emmeline Simpson came in to do a collage workshop with us. First we explored collage by putting together a giant jigsaw of the Suspension Bridge. We then 
had a go at creating our own frog and butterfly collages! 
Click here for Term 5's Curriculum Overview 
Our new topic is 'Rumble in the Jungle'. We have been pretending to be jungle explorers and have written lists and reports of our adventures. Some children have  
chosen to work together to build a zoo for the animals! We have also been busy painting pictures of jungle animals to decorate our classroom.  
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