St Francis' 
Catholic Primary School 
A very warm welcome to St Francis' Catholic Primary School  

Meet the Staff 

Ms C Hostein 
Deputy Headteacher 
Mrs C Hunt 
Reception Mrs S Cataldo 
Year 1 Mrs D Galey 
Year 2 Miss A Parry 
Year 3 Miss M Ball 
Year 4 Miss H Lamb 
Year 5 Mrs C Hunt 
Year 6 Mr S Groves 
PPA Cover Teacher 
Mrs J Healey 
Mrs A Lumsden 
Administrative Assistant 
Mrs M Hambleton 
Teaching Assistants/ 
Learning Support Assistants 
Ms S Devereux, Miss L Dennery,  
Mrs S Navarra, Mrs H Talbot,  
Mrs B Watts, Mrs M Young, Mrs M Taylor 
School Meals 
Supervisory Assistants 
Ms S Devereux, Mrs C Hook, Mrs C Jarvis,  
Mrs M Pitt, Mrs H Talbot, Mrs A Thornton, Mrs M Young 
Cook in Charge 
Mr R van der Hook 
Kitchen Assistant 
Ms M Densley 
Cleaning Team from 
Beaver Cleaning  
led by Mrs T Hocking 
Instrumental Teachers 
Ms A Dixon (Woodwind) 
Mr J Furlong (Guitar) 
Mrs K Baker (Cello and Piano) 
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